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11/5/16 - Mel Ellison Scores a Hole-in-One!

10/26/16 - Results from the Doc Miller Memorial Alzheimer's Walk

10/14/16 - Rome Tour Championship Results and Final Tour Standings

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Calhoun Elks Club Golf Course
143 Craigtown Rd NE
Calhoun, GA 30701

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Wayne Wilkey

  • Home Course: BEAA Country Club

  • HDCP: 13 Lowest Rd: 68 (Green Acres)

  • Hole-In-One: 3! (#7 BEAA, #3 Kraftsman Club, #14 Meadow Lakes Golf Club)

  • Family: Wayne and Vickie together have six children, sixteen grandchildren and seven great grand children

  • Church: Second Ave. Methodist Church

  • Began golf by caddying and playing with his dad Earl at Mountain View GC in 1959

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